Fire Emblem Is Slowly Improving Its Same-Sex Romance Options - Fire emblem gay

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The newer Fire Emblem games have placed an emphasis on romance and dating, though the series has been slow to make same-sex romance a viable option.​ Fire Emblem: Three Houses does allow you to experience same-sex romance—and it is explicitly romantic, and accessible for both. Fire Emblem may be a series about relationships, but the franchise has lagged in allowing same-sex pairings.​ Three Houses heavily suggests that certain characters feel love and affection for each other regardless of gender, and if you’re playing as a woman, you do have a handful.

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By Kalkree - 09:08
Welcome to another edition of one step forward, two steps back! It's time to go over Fire Emblem: Three Houses and its gay romance options.
By Tatilar - 06:42
Spoilers for Fire Emblem: Three Houses below. In preparing to write this article, I watched video of some of the S-rank romantic supports main.
By Kigadal - 17:08
There were already some same-sex marriage options in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. For several entries now, the Fire Emblem series has.
By Vosar - 16:49
Today I wanted to talk about what we learned of Byleth's Male Support Options (​His S Rank Romances) in Fire Emblem Three Houses. While I.

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