Breast pain - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic - Breast feeling of pressure

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The term "extramammary" means "outside the breast." Extramammary breast pain feels like it starts in the breast tissue, but its source is actually. Sharp pain in your breast can be alarming, but it isn't always a cause feelings of pressure, fullness, or squeezing in the chest that may come.

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By Malalrajas - 07:41
Often described as a burning or tightening feeling, this pain can be linked to Pain can occur in both breasts, one breast, or in the underarm. . might seem to spread down the arm on moving and intensifies under pressure.
By Fera - 07:55
If one breast suddenly feels more sensitive than the other breast, or both are more sensitive than usual, possible causes can include.
By Yozshulkis - 11:04
Sometimes pain that feels as though it's in the breast is coming from somewhere else, such as a pulled muscle in the chest. This is known as chest wall pain.
By Kagul - 21:21
Around 70% of women experience breast pain in their lifetime. During particularly harsh periods of anxiety, pressure and stress, you can.

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